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Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Our spring snow goose hunts take place in Nebraska's Famed Rainwater Basin area and South Dakota's Prairie Pothole Region in the Central Flyway. Over the years we have been very successful in these areas. We typically hunt cut cornfields and bean stubble but will hunt over water if it is holding a good number of birds! We will move where ever necessary to provide you with the best chance of a successful hunt.

In the spring we hunt exclusively out of Final Approach laydown blinds because this offers us the best accessibility and opportunity for keeping us in the right place at the right time. We will primarily be hunting in the same fields but will hunt the water if we feel it is a better opportunity. We will hunt over a mix of Avery Outdoors full bodies and Deadly Decoys. We feel that with large numbers and movement of windsocks and realistic appeal of full bodies we have the best chance of success. I have been hunting these birds for many years and realize that new tactics are often most successful. Because of this, we might change spread sizes, locations and setups throughout the season to increase our success! We will hunt close to large concentrations of birds and in an area where new birds are migrating in. This gives us an opportunity to decoy these birds as they are flying by! We average about 20-30 birds a day. Now there are days where you can get skunked but on the flip side there are days where you and your group may shoot 60-80-100 birds. We had days this past spring where we had two hunters and shot 50+ birds.

We ask clients wear camouflage even though we are hunting out of layout blinds; face cover, head cover, jacket and pants. Weather can play a significant role in the season! You never know what Mother Nature is brewing up next so be ready for all the elements! It is wise to have Gore-Tex gear as it can get very wet and nasty. From my own personal experiences, you don't want to get wet while hunting and have to go to tow and get all your gear dry! You are for certain to miss out on some shooting just ask my buddy Bart! Also bring some waders as you way want to wear them when the conditions are wet and muddy! You should also be prepared to hunt all weather conditions from rain and snow to 80 degree blue bird days.

In the areas we hunt there are many bodies of water which can hold large numbers of snow geese. We hunt around these marshes and ponds to be visual to the large numbers of snow geese. Over the years, snow geese have continually become much more intelligent. So it has become tougher to outwit these birds. We will continually add and change things to make it the best experience possible for you and your friends!

Pricing and Payments

A 50% deposit is required and due within 10 days of booking your hunt. Full payment is due 2 weeks before hunt. This is non-refundable but may be applied to a later date in the same season if one is available. Those booking after February 15th will be required to make a full payment.

I would like to have one person from your party be the contact person! This way I can communicate with them via email and cell phone. When the information packet is mailed out they will be the one to give it to you!

Half day hunts are available if requested.  308-764-7090 or jason@nebraskaoutdoorexperience.com

Snow Goose:

To secure your own field, we ask that there be at least five in your party.
$200 + tax per day per person, $125 + tax for youth 12 to 15 years of age or 3 day hunt for $400.

Snow Goose Hunts - Feb.7th-April 5th, 2012

(Adults $200/day per person)

(Youths 15 and under $150/day)

This includes decoys, electronic call, lay down blinds, professional guide, but does not include lodging, meals, Shells, license & permit fees or gratuities.

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